Thursday, December 31, 2009

In which I make some resolutions for 2010

I like resolutions; I like the idea of having a specific starting point for changes. I make good resolutions. You'll never see me resolving to stop biting my nails (HA! ha ha ha ha. That will never happen!) or stop eating chocolate or start working out (I did not have painful weight-loss surgery so I could get sweat in my eyes.) I try to make them achieve-able and positive and fun.


Spend more time with my family. I have LOVED this vacation with Dustin off work for over a week. We haven't accomplished as many cleaning tasks as I'd like to (ever), but it's been very relaxed and I've had a lot of time with Dustin and the kids. And I've enjoyed it.


This isn't really "fun," but I love water so it shouldn't be hard.


Finish Orientation. Move on to my normal course work. Work regularly -- lately I go in spurts of stop and go. I'll work every day for a week and then not open my binder for the next four days.


Cook! I have a dream of one day getting sharp knives, a Cuisinart, and maybe even an apron! Also, I kind of want an electric can-opener and a bread-maker. And I want to make my own cheese.


Continue working with Maizey. Our Beginner Obedience class starts next week and I'm excited. When we finish that, we'll probably move on to rally. Also, work more on handling -- the last time we attended class Maizey barked, chewed her lead, dragged me around, and generally ignored all humans in favor of canines. I'm sure the other competitors will LOVE that when we're in the ring.



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