Monday, October 19, 2009

In which I finish a somewhat large assignment

This means nothing if you're not in AAMI, but I finished 5A. I take a second to receive accolades for being so awesome... then move on to 6A, which is about four times as long and detailed. And then, I finish Orientation (which will be nothing compared to 6A), and start on my regular coursework and apprentice and then become a midwife.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the movies and out to eat with Emily, and when I got home Dustin said, "I didn't get anything done and the kids drove me crazy!" Really? That's so surprising! I usually accomplish at least... one-third of something I planned on, each day. (And on Friday night, my friend Joanna complained, "And another thing, my children are FORCING ME TO LIVE IN SQUALOR!" Yeah, here too. Squalor + dog hair = my house.)

This week the birth center has its final inspection, by the health department. Once it's approved, we can have births there! Leigh and I met with someone who is due very very soon, and I hope she can have a birth there. It's a gorgeous place, beautiful colors and ambiance, and just a really lovely place to have a baby. Particularly if your own house is full of squalor and dog hair.


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