Thursday, April 16, 2009

Serendipity: Coming soon to a computer near you!

So, in my last birth-related post I blogged about wanting some more experience breastfeeding, or at least wanting to learn more about breastfeeding, particularly about troubleshooting. I was even thinking about taking the Aviva Institute breastfeeding educator class. Today I was going through my AAMI emails and found that lo and behold, Christine, my AAMI mentor and real-life friend and fellow apprentice, is actually teaching a course on this very subject! Fantastic. It's free for AAMI students -- and only $10 for non-students. I love when life is serendipitous like this. It's an online class, and I think I can attend it, even with my crazy schedule. (Christine, btw, is an IBCLC and a RN, and she's thisclose to being a midwife. And she's also an amazing woman!)

I'm working my way through Helping Hands, the Apprentice Handbook, which was written by Carla, the director and founder of AAMI. It's pretty interesting. It's a workbook, and a chance for me to record my thoughts and experiences with midwifery. It's really good for helping me to answer the questions, Why am I in midwifery school? How am I going to complete midwifery school? What will I do when I complete midwifery school? What are my goals and hopes for being a midwife? How will this affect my life? How will this affect my family?


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